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makes people better.

Better access to care.
Better resource utilization.
A better healthcare experience.

We start by
understanding patients
better than anyone.

Our digital assistant creates a meaningful
dialogue, that understands them.
Connecting to the right care, right away.

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"There has been a personal touch that I have been really impressed with.
I feel like GYANT has been part of our team."

– KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight

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Our technology is a powerful
force behind the scenes.

We improve the patient experience in the real world
by making people empowered, connected, better.

It creates a space
where providers can focus
on providing care.

Seamless integration of technology frees up resources,
and brings patients front and center.

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Expedite care search and booking

Enable patients to efficiently find a clinic and book appointments.

Share on-demand information

Provider search by name, specialty, or condition – at the patient’s fingertips.

Connect patients directly to virtual care

Navigate patients to virtual care resources with a seamless handoff.

Triage patients to the best level of care

Evaluate patient symptoms and recommend care – reducing call center traffic.

Improve contact center productivity

Automate callback requests, handoff to live chat, and flag cases for follow-up.

Screen for COVID vaccine eligibility

Reduce contact center strain by automating COVID vaccine eligibility screening.

“It’s helped to decrease call volume in our contact center. It’s helped decrease foot traffic and really offer the community a complete sense of security.”

– Abby Lotz, Vice President
& Chief Nursing Officer

“Using GYANT led to a 30% decrease in call center volume, alleviating hospital capacity constraints and improving patient experience.”

– Kevan Mabbutt, Chief Consumer Officer

“Our aim is to advance health care by using innovative solutions that positively impact each patient’s health and experience – and the GYANT platform allows us to do just that.”

– Cheryl Eck, AVP, Strategy & Planning

Find out what we can
do for your organization.