Our vision

GYANT combines messaging, AI, and medical experts to radically improve the diagnosis and treatment of non-urgent conditions. GYANT makes treatment faster, more effective & more delightful. Our purpose is to transform healthcare from the outside in — to create a new care standard for everyone.

Things we believe in

We believe that expanding access to care across the globe. We believe in leveraging technology to provide the most human and compassionate virtual care. We believe in reducing the time it takes to receive care and supporting patients in their journey towards better health.

Our values

Focus on Impact – We want to make a difference in the world of healthcare and are motivated to help people at scale
Freedom and Accountability – We trust each other to make independent decisions and hold each other accountable for results
Meritocracy of IdeasEveryone at GYANT has a voice and we make decisions based on objective criteria to implement the best ideas
Intensity – We work passionately towards our vision and understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint
– We give and accept candid, respectful feedback in service of personal and professional development
Personal Development – We strive to better ourselves and help each other grow

Our team

A message from the founders

A simple diagnosis should not cost more than a cup of coffee. Everyone should have the ability to understand their health and have access to the care they need. If you believe in our dream, we’ll be able to improve access to care and drive healthier choices for everyone — not just a few of us.

Pascal Zuta, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Behrens, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Alan Young, MD, MBA, PMP

Chief Medical Officer

Kirill Kireyev, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Chris MacMinn

VP of Sales & Marketing

Joel Solymosi

Lead Engineer

Spencer Chi

Product Lead

Rohan Bhandari, PhD

Data Scientist

Kelsey Ding, MD, MPH

Medical Product Manager

Braun Shedd

Software Engineer

Robbie Wolf

Marketing Analyst

André Leite

Project Manager

Hugo Godinho

Senior Engineer

Manuel Peixoto

Senior Engineer

Vitor Magalhães

Senior iOS Developer

Our office

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353 Sacramento St, Fl 8
San Francisco, CA 94111

We are hiring

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