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GYANT partners with self-insured organizations to provide our asynchronous virtual care solution, POWER PROVIDER. POWER PROVIDER can help reduce unnecessary primary care–related emergency department (PCR-ED) utilization, and help guide your employees and their dependents to the appropriate care setting 24/7.


POWER PROVIDER is the first true AI/human hybrid solution in the telehealth marketplace. POWER PROVIDER incorporates the best of AI technology and provider interaction by guiding your employees and dependents to the most appropriate level of care.

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Guide Employees Into the Right Care

Why Asynchronous Virtual Care?

Employers are continually tasked with providing a robust benefit package to their employees and dependents while at the same time reducing the costs associated with those benefits. Asynchronous virtual care solutions, including digital front doors, asynchronous e-visits, and automated population engagement tools can both enhance employee access strategies when they seek care and reduce the cost associated with that care.

Why Choose GYANT

Hybrid Model

Ensures efficiency, clears liability, and achieves consistently high quality


Encourages utilization of proper levels of care and provides better and safer ED redirection


Improves compliance, decreases re-admissions, and improves patient satisfaction

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