GYANT for Pharma

Create awareness

With limited and costly advertising options available, growing a customer base efficiently can be challenging. GYANT helps identify under- and undiagnosed patients in otherwise hard-to-reach demographics. GYANT leverages social influencers to create conversations and allows patients to experience multiple brand touch points in the flow of a natural conversation.

Support and Educate

GYANT’s patient engagement solutions help with patient education and adherence. With GYANT, follow-ups come naturally. We support patients throughout their journey and help address concerns and questions (e.g., regimen, dose, side effects) along the way that might otherwise go unanswered or reduce adherence.

Engage and navigate

GYANT is in customer’s pockets at all times and thus only a click away. We engage frequently and proactively to create meaningful interactions. Symptom tracking and journalling allow for a comprehensive overview of a users’ disease progression. We support patients with general health advice and reminders – to keep patients healthy and happy.


Real-time Metrics & Results
Collaborative Approach to Innovation
PV & Compliance Support
Custom Tone & Multi-lingual Dialogue

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