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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (and answers).
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Who is GYANT?

GYANT is a digital health company that specializes in AI virtual assistants for health systems. We partner with Integrated Delivery Networks to deploy our technology on websites, mobile apps, and patient portals with clients across the US. GYANT empowers patients to take control and connect the dots across their digital journeys and engage with their providers any time of the day, every day of the year. GYANT reduces clinical strain and support staff overhead, improves outcomes, and exceeds patient expectations. GYANT’s conversational AI handholds patients from the virtual front door through their entire clinical journey by integrating deeply into clinical workflows (EHRs).

What are the GYANT products?

GYANT Front Door
GYANT Front Door is an AI-care navigation “digital front door” that’s deployed on hospital websites, mobile apps, and patient portals to help patients instantly connect with the resources and care they need. Acting as a 24/7/365 digital member of your team, GYANT Front Door answers questions, triages patients to the most appropriate care venue, books appointments, finds a specialist or clinic, and screens for COVID-19 symptoms.

GYANT COVID-19 Solutions

GYANT Vaccine
GYANT Vaccine manages the patient journey from initial eligibility inquiry through each patient’s second vaccine dose. GYANT Vaccine reduces the burden on call center staff by providing comprehensive vaccine FAQs, screening for eligibility, collecting responses to feed into patient management workflows, automating vaccine appointment scheduling, and reaching out to targeted patient segments via broadcast SMS for booster reminders and appointment scheduling.

GYANT COVID-19 Screener and Emergency Response Assistant (SERA) uses NLP to recognize a patients’ free-text inputs, screen for symptoms and risk factors, and guide them to testing information and FAQs. The GYANT team actively maintains the information based on the most up-to-date CDC and WHO guidelines and local developments relevant to client locations.

GYANT Back2Work helps screen hospital employees for re-entry to the workplace each day. The tool sends scheduled outbound SMS text messages to staff in advance of a shift with a secure mobile website link. The link initiates a secure web-chat in the mobile browser where users answer protocol questions, verify their identity, and complete a screening for exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19. The full process is completed in less than five minutes, and based on user responses, triggers an immediate message. Those that pass the screening are sent a virtual QR code to enter work; those that do not are routed according to each client’s preferred protocols and care endpoints.
What is the difference between a chatbot and a virtual assistant?

Chatbots are computer programs designed to emulate human conversation. Chatbot communication is linear and fixed – it can only respond to specific-worded questions, like a question-and-answer script or automated FAQ.

Virtual assistants, also known as conversational AI, understand content and context. Machine learning technology learns interactions and improves their answers over time. Machine Learning can understand typical expressions and phrases that might vary from an original script.

What is a digital front door and why does our facility need it?

A digital front door is triage and care navigation platform for health systems that engage with consumers as their first point of contact via their website, app, or patient portal, help navigate the appropriate answer or point of care while improving experience and efficiency for both patients and providers.

How did GYANT develop its COVID-19 vaccine medical protocols?

The GYANT medical team developed these protocols from the CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines. Our team actively monitors new releases from the CDC and WHO and updates the protocols accordingly.

How quickly can GYANT be implemented?

It varies by product. Our COVID-SERA product can be deployed in 1-2 days with additional content in 1-2 weeks. Our Front Door product can be deployed in as few as three weeks, depending on customer requirements. We use a crawl, walk, run approach to implementation: from digital concierge and virtual triage to connecting with a live care team.

What is configurable within GYANT products?

We can configure the types of care venues we direct patients to depending on the disposition and resources required for their likely conditions. We can also configure branding, advice messaging, custom FAQs, among many other areas.

Many of our products can be quickly stood up with simple configurations. We also have deeper partnerships with customers where we learn about the problems they are trying to solve, and GYANT can design a solution by combining its wide variety of capabilities.

Is GYANT trying to replace call centers?

We created GYANT solutions to support doctors and caregivers in taking care of their patients in this time of heightened patient concern, urgency, and quarantine. We designed the assistant to relieve the burden of increased inquiries to nursing advice lines, call centers, telehealth services, and clinics by automating tasks and answers via a self-serve digital experience so existing administrative resources can focus on specific patient needs. Our products integrate with contact center software and CRMs.

Can GYANT provide a medical diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment options?

GYANT is not intended for diagnostic purposes; human healthcare professionals must provide all diagnoses. Our advice can provide accurate suggestions based on a combination of AI, human medical expertise, and our customers’ configuration settings.

Does GYANT send any data to third-party entities?

No, we don’t send any data to third parties unless clients specifically request and approve this functionality.

Are GYANT products HIPAA compliant?

Yes, GYANT products are HIPPA compliant.

What is the future of GYANT?

GYANT’s mission is to make people better, and we are constantly innovating by partnering with our clients to identify opportunities to expand patient access and increase staff and clinical productivity. We are nimble and true partners invested in our clients’ success, so our product roadmap is built in conjunction with key industry thought leaders and innovators.

Who are your customers?

From large hospital systems like Intermountain Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Geisinger, CHRISTUS Health, SSM Health to mid-sized hospitals like Edward-Elmhurst Health, OSF Healthcare, Adventist Health, MemorialCare, Health First and Gunderson Health are some of our customers.

What is Digital Health and why is it important?

According to the FDA, digital health includes a wide variety of categories including wearables, telehealth, telemedicine, and personalized medicine. Digital health leverages technology, like software, to improve patient care. In addition, digital health technology can be implemented to reduce costs and inefficiencies and make healthcare more personalized for patients.

I have questions, who can I contact?

You can email us at

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More than just a name, Fabric embodies our intelligent care enablement system that powers healthcare to move faster, work smarter, and deliver better care.
More than just a name, Fabric embodies our intelligent care enablement system that powers healthcare to move faster, work smarter, and deliver better care.