Introducing GYANT

GYANT is an AI-enabled triage service

GYANT chats with patients to understand their symptoms and then sends the data to doctors who provide diagnoses and prescribe medicine in real time.

Press Kit

Who we are in a pretty nutshell

For more information, please download our press kit.

For insurance

ER reimbursements are often unnecessary

By placing GYANT on an insurer’s website or mobile app, patients can find the right way to treat their illness and determine if they need visit the ER.

For providers

Navigating millions of patients’ medical needs is challenging

Using GYANT, providers can help patients make more informed decisions on what kind of medical treatment they need and what kind of doctor they should see.

Our Technology

Machine learning creates rewarding user experiences

GYANT makes life-changing technology and insights accessible for patients in need.

The GYANT Team

Pascal Zuta

Started Aeria Games in Europe and led it through the acquisition. Founded several companies in social networking, digital health, e-commerce. Sold two, shut down one. Got his MBA with Stefan. PhD in media studies.

Stefan Behrens

Scaled Aeria in Europe from 40 to 400 employees. Served 8 years as a consultant at Booz helping to drive process in large corporates. Founded an e-commerce company. MBA with Pascal and PhD in information systems.

Kirill Kireyev
Head of Technology

PhD in Computer Science. Expert in NLP and semantic data representation. Founded and built educational search engine InstaGrok.

Christian Kuhn
Managing Director, Europe

Founder of an award-winning digital agency with 15 employees. Started multiple companies in digital and media. C-Level Consultant/-Trendscout for tech and innovations. Speaker, lecturer, writer. UX Professional (UXPA®)


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