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Blog May 16, 2022

The Automation Imperative for Starting Patient Journeys and Generating Revenue

By: Paige Heaphy, Chief Integration Officer

Generating the revenue required to ensure adequate margins is necessary for every health system. The patient journey along the way provides opportunities to make the process more efficient and ensure appropriate payment. The challenge is both bringing more patients into the system and ensuring that your system isn’t leaking patients.

Leading health systems are leveraging the more widespread adoption of automation to meet the needs of consumers who prefer on-demand digital experiences—a trend that accelerated during the pandemic. More than half of CIOs surveyed (55%) say their health systems are welcoming patients through a digital front door.

A Comprehensive Solution for Revenue Generation

A comprehensive solution for revenue generation makes it easier for patients to discover, navigate and access care. These tools can better leverage existing investments in technology. They are also more efficient at converting your patient outreach investments into scheduled appointments, because they provide the on-ramp at the exact time a patient needs help.

If a patient wants to gather more information—about their symptoms, their condition, general health information or hospital details, for example—the right automation solution provides that option and then recognizes and welcomes them when they are ready for the next step. This makes patients feel valued.

The right automation solution can triage patients, direct them to the right specialist or facility, book appointments and even screen for COVID-19 symptoms. Forty-five percent of patients will initiate these visits to your system outside of business hours. Timing, ease of navigation, and ease of booking are core automation functions that prevent losing revenue to competitors.

Using Automation to Increase Margins

With 2022 off to a difficult start for most providers because of lower volumes resulting from the COVID-19 Omicron variant, more effective revenue generation is necessary to turn things around.

Health systems that need help developing a comprehensive automation strategy aimed at providing automation all along the patient journey should understand that not all automation solutions are the same. In our last post, we shared five characteristics of a superior solution.

For a story of how one leading system recognized a need to improve access to care, enhance the patient experience, grow its operating margin and increase the number of patients served, download our free e-book “The Automation Imperative to Improve Margins.” You’ll also learn about the other elements of a superior solution, including lowering the cost to serve, revenue generation and revenue collection.

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