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Videos February 2, 2021

GYANT Vaccine Scheduling Tool

GYANT Vaccine guides your patients along every step of their journey – from answering questions about the vaccine, to screening for eligibility, and even scheduling appointments for vaccination.

Once the virtual assistant has determined the patient is eligible – based on their tier priority –they can quickly schedule and manage their vaccine appointments. GYANT Vaccine also supports all COVID-19 vaccines.

In the Scheduler, the patient can select the location most convenient to them, and then choose the date and time to receive their vaccine. After verifying their information, the patient books their appointment. Confirmation is then sent to the email address provided along with a calendar invite.

Patients can also easily view and manage their appointments within the scheduler, and hospitals can access a dashboard at any time to view and manage appointment allocations And when it’s time for the second dose, GYANT Vaccine enables SMS outreach to Schule that appointment.

GYANT Vaccine quickly adapts to your changing requirements over the course of the vaccine roll-out. To learn more email

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