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Know. Treat. Better.

When you’re not feeling 100%, save yourself a trip to the doctor’s office.
Pick up your phone, chat with GYANT, and get the care you need, right away.

Our mission.

We’re here to make primary care a better, easier, and more affordable experience for everyone. To make this a reality, we need patients, providers, and innovators to come together to reshape the healthcare industry.

Cutting Edge AI for the most common illnesses.

Stuffy nose? Sore throat? Describe your symptoms to GYANT and figure out what’s wrong in minutes.

Real People That Want to Help you.

A nurse or doctor will review your diagnosis, sign-off on a treatment, and get you the medicine that you need to feel better.

Here for Your Health — Today and Tomorrow.

Like your family doctor, GYANT remembers you and builds a relationship with you. When you’re under the weather, GYANT checks in on you, and is there for you until you’re back on your feet.

Secure and accessible.

Every interaction is private and we’ll never share your data. Right now, GYANT is available in California. Expansion is in the works.


Alan Young

Keck School of Medicine at USC

Chris Moag

GWU School of Medicine,
Emergency Medicine

Helen Lu

Columbia University,
Family Advanced Practice Nursing

Frances Prado

Holy Names University,
Master of Nursing

Frequently asked questions

How does GYANT work? Where can I use it?

GYANT is a chatbot designed to collect important medical information around your illness or ailment. This information is instantly organized and presented to one of our licensed medical providers to review and provide a diagnosis. You can use GYANT anywhere with an iOS device and an internet connection. At the moment you will only be connected with a medical provider if you are located in California.

Will I always talk to a doctor? Is the diagnosis as good as seeing my doctor?

Yes, all patients will be connected with a provider. In the case that a our medical team is not online when you finish chatting with GYANT, you will receive a notification when a provider would like to chat with you. Each member of our medical team is a licensed professional in the state of California. If we believe that you need a physical examination, we will recommend the best course of action.

How much does GYANT cost?

GYANT costs less than $10 per encounter — much less than your typical co-pay — and you don’t even have to leave your room!

Can GYANT prescribe? How quickly will I get a diagnosis?

Yes, we prescribe! You will tell GYANT about your symptoms then you will be connected with one of our medical providers who will provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if necessary. This all takes place in minutes.

Is my medical information safe? Is it shared with any third parties?

We take your data privacy very seriously. GYANT is HIPAA compliant and your information will never be shared with outside parties.

Does GYANT work on all devices?

At the moment GYANT is available on the Apple App Store and is compatible with all iOS devices. We have an Android app in the works!