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AnnouncementsBlog December 9, 2022

In-widget Live Chat Support is Now Available

GYANT is proud to announce our newest feature: Live Chat. We know there will always be some situations or use cases that are best served by a human. To ensure that we are able to help as many users as possible we now integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing chat support systems.

Why we developed our healthcare live chat integration

At GYANT, we are constantly working to improve encounter success rates. With this goal in mind, live chat is a versatile complement to our conversational AI. We’ve found that our customers have certain use cases where they want to route all intents under a category to a human, or perhaps offer human support for complex requests. GYANT exists to guide patients or members through their unique journeys and to help our customers operate more efficiently. Integration with support chat software means more users get the help they need and that our customers are able to improve contact center workflows.

Enabling users to chat with support staff

There are three ways a user can be connected to a human support agent. First, our customers can select user intents that will prompt a live chat handoff at the beginning of the experience. Second, customers can configure specific endpoints to route to a live chat handoff. Last, users can trigger the handoff themselves by typing “talk to a human” or similar phrases.

It is important to keep user experiences simple to reduce abandonment. The most intuitive experience when transferring from AI chat to live chat is to keep the user on the same page, in the same widget. When the handoff occurs, the user is informed about the status every step of the way, and our integrations mean that support staff see relevant notifications and information on their usual platform. The user and the agent can engage in a real-time, bidirectional conversation to resolve the case.

Results to date

Our initial deployment of the integration has been live for over 6 months with a health system customer. The deployment is configured such that administrative intents are directed to an agent. Patient portal inquiries (i.e. username, password, and navigation assistance) were the most common reason for live chat, followed by appointment booking assistance. Since this implementation, the customer has seen contact center wait time decrease by 60% and call agent efficiency double.

How can a live chat integration help you?

Let’s talk about how we can more efficiently connect patients, members, and support agents. Reach out to your favorite Solutions Consultant, Sales Rep, or submit a “Get in Touch” form on any page of our website!

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