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AnnouncementsBlog July 26, 2022

Introducing an all-new UI for our virtual assistant

GYANT is proud to announce an all-new design for our virtual assistant. This exciting upgrade introduces a beautiful new look, accessibility upgrades, and flexible customizations. These improvements will make navigating healthcare even easier for consumers.

Enhancing the patient and member experience

Virtual assistants have become a key way of interacting with healthcare services. We’ve learned that people trust a virtual assistant when it understands their needs, when it’s clear about how it can help, and when it proves capable of solving any issue.

Our goal was to make the experience lighter and allow for more integrations. We sought to improve ease of use and ensure people always know what to do next. All while keeping our conversational foundation.

We are committed to empowering patients and members to navigate the complexity of their health journeys. We aim to provide the best interface to get the job done. 

This redesign sets a new standard for a trustworthy, delightful, and accessible virtual assistant.

Improving branding and chat functionality

Through the years, we have worked in close collaboration with our customers to craft experiences tailored to the unique needs of each organization and their population. With now-familiar names, faces, and thorough knowledge of all customer intricacies, our assistants have become powerful assets to their brands. With this initiative, it is important that our interface not only improves the user experience but also compliments customer brands.

The challenge was to create a highly-configurable assistant with an intuitive interaction model and improved accessibility.

We started fresh. And here’s what we created:

Our new design builds upon the GYANT foundations. It keeps the conversational tone and introduces a straightforward step-by-step approach. We have reduced visual clutter to create a clean and simple experience that’s easier to follow. Each step features a single question, comfortable touch targets, and focused actions. By expanding the working area, we can better present information and improve the performance of our integrations.

This new approach means we can provide the best interface for the task at hand, be it checking your symptoms, scheduling an appointment, or chatting with a real human.

Optimized for Accessibility

With this redesign, we make strides in accessibility. These improvements will greatly benefit users with permanent, temporary, or situational disabilities as well as reduce strain on non-disabled users. With subtle design additions, we can solve for one and benefit many.

We have considered visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive disabilities through adherence to the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). These cover a wide range of recommendations for making content accessible and ensuring a broader range of people can use the web.

In the new UI, you’ll find high-contrast colors, a new highly-legible typeface, keyboard navigation support, and more. Our goal is ADA-AA-level compliance, and this update is a big step towards that. This is not just something we are adding on top – this is a core part of our product design process.

A streamlined, configurable assistant design

To power this redesign, our talented UI-CORE team has created a whole new design system: SunriseDS. It’s an advanced front-end framework, complete with design guidelines, reusable components, and customizable parameters. It brings a modern tech stack and a unique look and feel to our virtual assistant.

With this new design system, our virtual assistant can be configured to match any brand identity. Customers can adjust the color palette, upload an avatar or logo, shape corner radiuses, and even use a custom font.

This is foundational to building great user experiences, making our products accessible, and supporting future functionality.

We’re just getting started

Our new design raises the bar. We have relied on best practices in user-centered design to create an intuitive experience for everyone. We can’t wait to put this out into the world and continue to build on top of our new design system.

Contributors: Igor Pascoal – Design, Darija Mitrovska – Product, Robbie Wolf – Marketing

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