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AnnouncementsPress June 23, 2022

Press Release: GYANT Launches Asynchronous Care Platform with Intermountain Healthcare to Handle Urgent Care Cases Virtually

GYANT’s AI-powered platform is used to automate patient intake and note generation in the EHR to facilitate low-touch, time-effective virtual visits

San Francisco, CA, June 22, 2022GYANT, the patient journey automation company, today announced that its asynchronous e-Visit care platform, Async, has been launched with Intermountain Healthcare. The GYANT solution conducts an AI-powered clinical assessment within Intermountain’s My Health+ app and, when appropriate, routes patients to an asynchronous visit. After the success of the initial deployment, patients will be able to self-select for an asynchronous visit in quarter three of 2022.

As more physicians have been practicing via virtual care over the last two years, the sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive. In response to increased telehealth utilization, AMA found that 85% of physicians reported telehealth improved the timeliness of care, and 70% of physicians were motivated to increase telehealth use. Virtual care adoption has been rapidly accelerated and is reshaping how patients and providers engage in care delivery.

GYANT’s software includes AI symptom checking in the My Health+ app, which then routes eligible patients for an asynchronous visit. Most often these are cases that would otherwise take place in an urgent care setting. Patients selecting an asynchronous visit after triage will have their case note populated directly within Cerner for the provider. The solution allows providers to treat low acuity cases in a timely and efficient manner while the patient can receive a diagnosis and treatment plan with no disruption to their schedule.

“We’re always excited to embark on innovative and ambitious projects with Intermountain,” said Stefan Behrens, co-founder and CEO, GYANT. “The landscape of care is changing. Over the last couple of years asynchronous care has been stress tested as a high-capacity and timely venue of care, and with great success. Patients are looking for more ways to engage with care on their schedule and providers need to efficiently handle low acuity cases — asynchronous care has been proven to address each of these pain points. We could not ask for a more like-minded, ambitious partner to reshape care.”

“We believe that asynchronous care will grow rapidly in the coming years,” said Dr. Bill Beninati, Senior Medical Director for Intermountain TeleHealth Services. “There is no doubt that patients eagerly seek convenience in their care and GYANT’s patient-first mindset has helped us to co-develop the best software in the market for streamlined asynchronous care. This jointly developed system is easy for patients to use and integrates into our EMR, allowing us to leverage existing patient data and care protocols to ensure safe and high-quality care for these patients. We are delighted to introduce this as a new modality that enables patients to access care from an Intermountain provider 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are also able to offer these services at a lower cost which benefits our patients’ wallets and furthers our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible. We look forward to building upon this service.”


GYANT’s empathic, intuitive virtual assistant guides patients through the complexity of their healthcare systems. With dozens of clients throughout the United States, GYANT partners with Integrated Delivery Networks to deploy its technology on their websites, mobile apps, and patient portals, empowering patients to take control and connect the dots across their digital journeys and more meaningfully engage with their providers any time of the day, every day of the year. GYANT reduces clinical strain and support staff overhead, improves outcomes, and exceeds patient expectations. GYANT’s conversational AI handholds patients from the virtual front door through their entire clinical journey by integrating deeply into clinical workflows (EHRs). The result is a higher level of efficiency that improves patient outcomes and makes them feel truly valued, now and every time they return. Some of GYANT’s customers include Intermountain Healthcare, OSF HealthCare, Adventist Health, Cleveland Clinic, and Geisinger.

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