The History and Evolution of Conversational AI

AI solutions or conversational algorithms have become part of our daily lives, from buying electronics from an e-shop to booking a hotel or flight. Developments in cloud computing, the introduction of paperless workflows, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are some of the factors that are transforming our world and influencing data collection, analysis, efficiency and … Continued

5 Emerging Technology Trends for Healthcare for 2021

Health technologies range from devices, systems, and procedures to vaccines and medications that help deliver high-quality care, reduce costs for hospitals and patients, and streamline operations. It can be any software or IT tool that improves administrative productivity, eases workflow, and enhances the quality of life. New technology in healthcare includes supportive, educational, information, organizational, … Continued

How GYANT Front Door Transforms the Patient Experience

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a significant shift to our way of life – from Zoom meetings to online gaming, to ordering takeout – consumers are increasingly living in a digital world. Digital self-service channels have also opened the door to healthcare – for patients to interact with healthcare providers and receive personalized service, and for … Continued

We Listened. Then We Built a Better Website.

Launching a new website can feel like finishing a marathon. Uphill. In waist-deep snow. But once across that finish line, there’s no question it was a worthy endeavor. We’re better people for having committed to the journey. This week we launched our new GYANT website, and like a marathon, we couldn’t have done it without … Continued

So, what’s a “digital front door”? And why does it matter?

With the rise of digital technology and increasing health costs, execs know they need to improve access to their healthcare and resources for patients. That’s given rise to “the digital front door” — a fluid term that’s yet to be clearly defined. At face value, the digital front door is where and how health systems … Continued

The One Thing Quality Healthcare Can’t Do Without

Quality of care has been a core focus in the health industry for decades. In recent years, it has been criticized by both patients and physicians as being costs and impersonal. Even, back in 2001, the Committee on Quality of Healthcare published a report, Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century, … Continued

Using New Technology to Reduce Physician Burnout from the Inside Out

Today’s healthcare systems are overburdened, resulting in high rates of physician burnout. Providers are inundated with administrative tasks and repetitive diagnoses, which leads to decreased efficiency and satisfaction for both providers and patients. According to a recent report issued by Medscape, of the 15,000 surveyed providers, 42 percent reported suffering from burnout. Burnout happens when energy levels … Continued

Hello! And, Welcome to GYANT

If you’re just joining us, GYANT is the first AI-physician care solution. Our team of providers and machine learning experts develop asynchronous virtual healthcare solutions to change the industry as we know it. In short, we help providers prescribe for and treat the most common, non-urgent illnesses. With GYANT, the experience is started by collecting … Continued