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Don’t let WebMD scare you. GYANT is the most reliable symptom checker.

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Hi! I'm GYANT, a health robot you can chat with. I will ask you some questions, and find out why you're feeling sick.  Let's get you feeling better.

Just send me your number to get started!

1. Patient messages GYANT.

2. GYANT asks questions.

3. You find out why you feel sick.

4. GYANT checks in with you for a few days.

5. Patient and GYANT become BFFs 😄

A health robot available everywhere.

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Want to experience a doctor’s bedside manner from your own bed? Now you can.

The world's fastest doctor appointment.


We remember your medical history so we can diagnose you best.


We only work with doctors
with 5-star ratings.


We ask three times the questions in a third of the time.


We’d give you a money-back guarantee if it wasn’t
100% free.

"Charming, fast, and competent. I literally downloaded GYANT when I got out of bed and knew why I had a fever before I finished brushing my teeth. I'll never see any other doctor in my life!!!"

Andrea Stingston


"This app might just be the only one I use daily, so awesome to have everything I ever wanted. I can't believe it how easy it is to use and get advice from the best docs right at my fingertips. Awesome app!"

Sergey Raddick



From the patients whose lives GYANT has changed. 

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