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Blog March 9, 2021

We Listened. Then We Built a Better Website.

Launching a new website can feel like finishing a marathon. Uphill. In waist-deep snow. But once across that finish line, there’s no question it was a worthy endeavor. We’re better people for having committed to the journey.

This week we launched our new GYANT website, and like a marathon, we couldn’t have done it without a lot of help from others.

That’s because GYANT’s story isn’t something that can be created out of thin air on a Zoom call. What we do, and more importantly, why we do it, must be totally authentic to the people who interact with us and our technology. So we interviewed clients and industry experts, deep-dived with key internal stakeholders and thought leaders, and listened intently to the patients talking with our virtual assistants to understand why GYANT resonates so deeply with health systems. 

What we discovered may sound simple, but the truth usually is. It’s because GYANT makes people better

How do we do this? By treating each patient with the dignity and respect each of us deserves. Creating a digital healthcare experience that aligns with (and exceeds) consumers’ high expectations of their digital journeys in other industries. And to quote a client, by being “the single most valuable and appreciated partner of all our vendors.” 

But just saying that we make people better isn’t enough. We live it. In fact, it resonated so deeply with us, we even made it our corporate mission.

So while our clients and their patients already understand how and why GYANT makes them better, the question became how do we help those without firsthand experience understand our secret sauce?

It comes across the second you hit our homepage. Our brand reflects our ability to enhance connections between patients and providers. It feels human. Warm. Safe. Trustworthy. 

Pictures show how patients and providers feel when they engage with our transformative technology. Heard. Relieved. Perhaps even surprisingly delighted.

Throughout the site, we’ve included many testimonials and real results from our clients. What better way to exemplify how we make people better than to have those people speak for themselves?

And as we consulted with our clients, they repeatedly shared five key goals that GYANT helps them tackle. We included each of these on our “What We Do” page, outlining how GYANT influences digital health, patient experience, and marketing initiatives.

The bottom line? Please, don’t take it from me. Listen to our customers. Talk with our virtual assistants. Experience for yourself how GYANT makes people better — patients and health systems alike. And then let us know. We thrive on feedback, with a singular goal to continue to improve in the eyes of the people we serve. 

GYANT is much more than technology. We’re partners, committed not just to make patients feel better but feel better about their entire healthcare experience. So as our platform continues to evolve to drive digital health innovation, we’re committed to the long journey. 

Because we know how it feels to make people better. And that’s why we do what we do.

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