We’re all patients.

And we all know how difficult it is to navigate the complexity of healthcare. GYANT eases patient confusion and frustration by virtually guiding them to their desired and necessary care endpoints, quickly, seamlessly, and exactly as each of us wishes it would work.

Expanded Patient Access

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patients reached than with

a call center alone

GYANT is a true strategic partner.

Expanding patient access starts with listening, and listening is at the core of GYANT’s technology. We put the patient experience at the center of everything we do, so we are able to objectively improve patient outcomes while increasing trust and loyalty in your brand.

By creating a single entry point for all digital patient journeys across all platforms, the GYANT virtual assistant provides an empathic and conversational AI interface to listen, learn, and guide people where they need to go. And because GYANT more accurately understands your patients’ needs, they receive the context and personalized assistance necessary to navigate to the proper endpoints of care. GYANT also integrates into your EHR for more accurate patient context and personalized assistance.

GYANT serves your communities where they prefer to engage with you, whether on desktop, mobile, or authenticated via your patient portal. With real-time patient insights and key word captures, our powerful daily utterance analyses help our clients’ marketing teams stay on top of patient inquiry trends to elevate their patient acquisition and retention objectives. GYANT also enhances your SEO/SEM strategy and dramatically reduces website bounce rates by increasing conversions of digital visitors into patients.

Building a consistent digital experience across platforms and touchpoints is critical to consumer centricity. Our virtual assistant empowers patients to take control and navigate to the right care endpoints at the right time on their own so your staff can focus on connecting with patients most in need of their help. Whether it’s to provide test results, schedule an appointment, or simply follow up after a visit, GYANT streamlines these processes via outbound SMS by leveraging the same consistent digital experience and care endpoints. And when you’re ready to deliver asynchronous care, GYANT provides a seamlessly integrated and reliable platform that leverages your existing clinical workflows inside the EHR.

GYANT makes people better. Our technology works behind the scenes to expand your ability to meaningfully connect with your patients in a highly automated way at scale so your patients are consistently treated with the level of respect and dignity that they deserve.

"The value of even connecting with one new patient is huge and pays for itself."

- Executive

"We aim to advance health care by using innovative solutions that positively impact each patient's health and experience – and the GYANT platform allows us to do just that."

- Cheryl Eck, AVP, Strategy & Planning

Reduced Costs to Serve Patients

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reduction of average cost

to serve per patient inquiry

GYANT makes it simple.

In the current environment, reducing the cost to serve is a key imperative for hospitals and providers across the country. GYANT decreases call center volume, support staff overhead, and physician burnout by helping patients virtually engage with your health system anytime and anywhere. Continuously learning from millions of patient interactions, GYANT is always improving—making your patients and associates better and delivering better outcomes. Because we help elevate individual transactional patient encounters to more meaningful lifelong relationships, GYANT builds trust and loyalty in your entire digital patient ecosystem.

GYANT seamlessly connects the dots across your existing platforms and digital assets. We optimize both your digital and employee investments while reinforcing a consistent patient experience at every point along their journey. This process improves the utility and experience of your existing digital assets by driving discovery and utilization by the right patients at the right time.

We are proud that GYANT provides the fastest and easiest integration available for a configurable solution. With just a few lines of JavaScript, GYANT is up and running on your website while our mobile software development kit (SDK) enables lightning quick integration into your mobile app.

Our pre-built content, clinical protocols, and endpoint routing templates simplify deployment and take the pain out of stakeholder approvals. Our configurable clinical sensitivity allows us to match your existing medical guidelines. And with our phased go-live approach, GYANT can scale features, integrations, and capabilities at your desired pace in a crawl-walk-run fashion.

"GYANT exceeded our expectations. We have increased our contact rates by over 20%. The system reduces our costs because patients who don't need additional help use the chatbot."

- Manager

Digitized the Patient Journey

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patients engaged every day

Bring the patient journey into the 21st Century.

The digital patient experience is now more important than ever. Patients want their healthcare experience to match that of the apps and websites they use every day. GYANT’s empathic interface empowers patients to interact on their own terms at their convenience. Virtual assistants and chatbots with human-like personalities improve the user experience and positively shape the digital brand of your health system. The more personalized, empathic, and tailored the experience, the more likely patients will trust your technology and return to use it over and over again.

GYANT’s partnership approach is to collaborate and co-design to meet your health system’s needs. We partner with you to make GYANT yours—with powerful configuration options for clinical safety, scope of services, endpoint routing, FAQs, and EHR integration. We help design your digital care team member’s personality and appearance to align with and reinforce your brand. And, our mobile-friendly patient experience works out-of-the-box, so GYANT instantly upgrades your existing digital assets without additional investment.

Innovation means finding solutions for tasks that are repeatedly done, and doing them faster, better, and cheaper. Everything we do stems from our passion to help patients connect better with their providers. Our virtual assistants don’t replace a human touch—rather, our augmented intelligence aims to enable more human connections. Let your digital team member with infinite scalability and 24/7/365 availability take over routine and administrative tasks to free up your valuable human resources so they can focus on the most essential and urgent patient needs.

"Our patients and community members feel connected to Clare. She's compassionate – asking questions, providing support even though she's a digital assistant. We are incredibly proud that was a very intentional focus in our work with GYANT."

- Abby Lotz, Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

"My favorite thing about GYANT is you listen to clients. The entire experience is very collaborative from the start. GYANT takes a proactive approach to development."

- Hiral Patel, DC, Innovation Program Manager

Streamlined Triage & Care Navigation

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Comprehensive adult and pediatric clinical triage capabilities

The most robust, defensible clinical protocols anywhere.

Searching for symptoms online to self-diagnose a medical condition only leads to increased anxiety. And, symptom-checkers not properly integrated with your health system’s platforms and care endpoints may produce undesirable results.

GYANT’s comprehensive adult & pediatric clinical triage capabilities take self-diagnosing and guesswork out of the process. Covering the vast majority of all patient chief complaints, GYANT is proven to help navigate patients to the right care at the right time, thereby reducing unnecessary emergency department utilization. Our natural language processing (NLP) was built exclusively for healthcare providers and trained on millions of patient inquiries.

GYANT is the only digital front door company that closes the care learning loop by ingesting actual patient outcomes within your network and with your providers. Over time, this AI differentiation drives higher accuracy of care navigation to objectively improve patient outcomes.

Patients often have to navigate across different resources and service lines as part of their care journey. In today’s digital world, this translates into bouncing between a variety of different tools, vendors and point solutions, resulting in an inconsistent and frustrating experience replete with repetitive data entry for the patient. Our vision is different. GYANT seamlessly connects the dots for patients across an expansive array of platforms, care endpoints, and digital properties, including:

  •       Care navigation
  •       Triage
  •       Provider directory
  •       Appointment bookings
  •       Financial transparency 
  •       Telemedicine
  •       Asynchronous care
  •       Care pathways
  •       Customer support
  •       And much, much more. 

With pre-built integrations for EHRs, provider directories, patient portals, telemedicine, mobile, and contact centers, you’ll be up and running within 30 days while your patients immediately benefit from a streamlined and consistent experience.

"Google's a wealth of information, but it can take you down many different rabbit holes, and the tool with GYANT helps provide obvious guided pathways for patients to figure out what they should be doing to find the right care at the right time."

- Hiral Patel, DC, Innovation Program Manager

Increased Staff & Clinical Productivity

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of patient engagements occur

outside of call center hours

Help your physicians to practice at the top of their licenses.

Many health systems have call centers staffed with nurses to handle triage. But call centers can easily become overwhelmed during peak hours and times of extraordinary urgency as witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. GYANT expands patient care capacity without adding more staff—resulting in lower cost, higher quality care. Our virtual assistant empowers patients to self-navigate to the most appropriate care endpoints and automatically documents every step of the way. GYANT therefore reduces provider time needed to document patient encounters or respond to inbound messages via the patient portal. That means providers and caregivers are free to practice at the top of their licenses allowing them to focus on delivering the highest quality of care.

When patients engage digitally, our clients experience a dramatic reduction in staff time needed in call centers and front offices. A 30-50% average reduction rate enables health systems to redeploy resources to where they are truly needed. Additionally, nearly half of all patient engagements with our virtual assistants occur outside of standard business hours, resulting in a 350% increase of patients reached than with a call center alone.

Integrating deeply into EHR systems like Epic and Cerner, GYANT supports a broad set of clinical use cases with seamless workflow and data integration. As the only digital front door company on the Epic App Orchard, GYANT provides standardized interoperability for Epic clients. And since we’re passionate about optimizing your productivity, we strive to reduce your team’s internal technical effort for integration and deployment by supporting a variety of standards and interfaces out of the box including HL7, FHIR), and SFTP, or REST API.

"It helped to decrease call volume in our contact center. It's also helped to decrease call volume in some of our urgent care clinics. Plus it decreases foot traffic and offers the community a complete sense of security."

- Abby Lotz, Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer