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GYANT manages the patient journey from initial inquiry through each patient’s second vaccine dose; empowering and keeping patients safe.

Empower and
keep patients safe

GYANT’s COVID-19 solutions deploy as a virtual assistant chatbot on hospitals’ websites, mobile apps, and patient portals to help patients and hospital staff:

  • Screen for infection
  • Get questions answered
  • Learn about testing options and facilities
  • Determine eligibility
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Stay safe

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Keep Communities Safe,
and Save Lives

GYANT’s COVID-19 solutions relieve the burden of administrative staff, simplifying research and appointment scheduling for patients.

We’ve reduced call center traffic by 50% while increasing total patients engaged by nearly 400%. Nine out of ten users report that the conversational AI software has helped them with what they need, when they need it. The bottom line: patients trust GYANT’s virtual assistants.

Manage the Patient
Journey, Dose-to-dose.

GYANT Vaccine manages the patient journey from initial eligibility inquiry through each patient’s second vaccine dose. Using natural language processing (NLP) to redirect high inbound call volumes to an automated process, GYANT reduces the burden on call center staff by providing vaccine FAQs, screening for eligibility, collecting responses to feed into patient management workflows, automating scheduling, and reaching out to targeted patient segments via broadcast SMS.

Screen for COVID vaccine eligibility

Reduce contact center strain by automating COVID vaccine eligibility screening.

Trusted by

“Our patients want the ability to communicate with us virtually, and this has only heightened with the spread of COVID-19.”

– Jennifer Junis, Senior VP of Digital Health

“We have seen a high completion rate with the symptom checker. Patients aren't getting frustrated and leaving. 95% of the time patients complete the symptom checker.”

– VP, Independent KLAS Spotlight Research

“We worked with GYANT to develop ‘Scout,’ a friendly virtual assistant that provides on-demand screening and answers to our community’s COVID-19-related questions.”

– Kevan Mabbutt, Chief Consumer
Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

Find out what we can
do for your organization.