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Triage & Care

We take the guesswork out of the process and navigate patients to the right care at the right time.

Take Guesswork
Out of the Process.

Searching for symptoms online to self-diagnose a medical condition only leads to increased anxiety. And, symptom-checkers not properly integrated with your system’s platforms can produce undesirable results.

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Navigate Patients to the
Right Care at the Right Time.

GYANT’s comprehensive triage capabilities take self-diagnosing and guesswork out of the process. Covering the vast majority of patient complaints, GYANT helps navigate them to the right care at the right time, reducing unnecessary emergency department utilization. Our natural language processing (NLP) is built exclusively for healthcare providers and improves with millions of patient interactions.

Objectively Improve
Patient Outcomes.

GYANT is the only digital front door company that ingests actual patient outcomes within your network and with your providers. Our AI differential drives better care navigation. And with pre-built integrations for EHRs, provider directories, patient portals, telemedicine, mobile, and contact centers; you’ll be up and running within 30 days.

Triage patients to best level of care

Evaluate patient symptoms and recommend care – reducing call center traffic.

Trusted by

“Clare has provided the ability to track symptoms and help our patients and community members with wayfinding getting them to the correct clinical endpoint.”

– Abby Lotz, VP
& Chief Nursing Officer

“Our aim is to advance health care by using innovative solutions that positively impact each patient’s health and experience – and the GYANT platform allows us to do just that.”

– Cheryl Eck, AVP, Strategy & Planning

Find out what we can
do for your organization.