Reduce Costs, Increase Patient Engagement

For Providers

Our suite of asynchronous virtual care solutions allows healthcare providers to increase patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS), reduce costs through effective patient navigation (ED re-direction), and aid your healthcare workforce to deliver services more efficiently (point-of-care solutions). We work with hospitals, health systems, IDNs (integrated delivery networks), and provider groups.

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For Payers

Our suite of asynchronous virtual care solutions allows payers to engage their members 24-7 (driving member satisfaction/retention), provide a valuable tool for member care navigation (ED re-direction), and highlight already available member services and benefits to your population.

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For Employers

GYANT partners with self-insured organizations to provide asynchronous virtual care solutions to your employees and dependents. Our solutions can help reduce unnecessary primary care–related emergency department (PCR-ED) utilization, and help guide your employees and their dependents to the most appropriate care setting 24-7.

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For Pharmaceutical Companies

GYANT offers a suite of solutions for pharmaceutical companies. We can help raise awareness around conditions to discover new and undiagnosed patients. We build engaging patient support solutions that differentiate your products in the market place by improving patient experience, education and adherence.

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