Empower patients to connect the dots across their digital journeys.

GYANT's AI virtual assistant reduces clinical strain and support staff overhead, improves outcomes, and exceeds patient expectations.

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Innovation and the digital patient experience.

We partner with integrated delivery networks, hospitals and healthcare systems to deploy our configurable and personalized technology on websites, mobile apps, and patient portals.

Our customers

GYANT Front Door

Patient Care Navigation and Triage.

Helps patients quickly navigate to digital or in-person care options, this AI-powered solution integrates with medical record systems and includes robust NLP processing.

77% of users successfully self-navigate to the desired endpoint.

GYANT Vaccine

Manage Demand for the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Relieve the burden of administrative staff, simplify patient research and appointment scheduling, screen and assess for prioritization, and keep patients safe.

24/7 self-help support for new and existing patients.


Screener & Emergency Response Assistant.

Provide patients with educational content and a virtual triage to assess risk, then route triaged patients to the appropriate telehealth, nurse line or physical facilities for testing and treatment.

500k+ patient engagements for screening and education.

GYANT Clipboard

Tomorrow’s Waiting Room.

Leveraging industry-standard medical protocols and proprietary natural language processing, this solution captures patient HPI, conducts an ROS, and populates a patient chart to reduce physician burnout.

80% Decrease in provider handling time

Digital innovation to free up caregivers so they can practice at the top of their licenses.

Experience GYANT

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