makes people better.

Better access to care.
Better resource utilization.
A better healthcare experience.

We start by understanding patients better than anyone.

Our digital assistant creates a meaningful dialogue, that understands them. Connecting to the right care, right away.

Our technology is a powerful
force behind the scenes.

We improve the patient experience in the real world
by making people empowered, connected, better.

It creates a space
where providers can focus
on providing care.

A digital front door that makes real connections.

Technology that makes patients not just feel better, but feel better about their healthcare experience. Guiding patients to the right care at the right time. Empowering caregivers to practice at the top of their licenses.

"It helped to decrease call volume in our contact center. It's also helped to decrease call volume in some of our urgent care clinics. Plus it decreases foot traffic and offers the community a complete sense of security."

- Abby Lotz, Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

"I appreciate the partnership on the clinical side and GYANT's willingness to work with us and think about new ways of doing things."

- VP Executive

"My favorite thing about GYANT is you listen to clients. The entire experience is very collaborative from the start. GYANT takes a proactive approach to development."

- Hiral Patel, DC, Innovation Program Manager