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Press January 5, 2021

20 COVID-19 Predictions and Trends for 2021 – Executive Roundup

This convergence of demand for technology and innovation by health systems and patients will enable providers to be able to reach new populations while continuing to serve their communities that have been impacted by the pandemic.

HIT Consultant: 20 COVID-19 Predictions and Trends for 2021 – Executive Roundup

The rapid development of a COVID-19 vaccine is a monumental achievement, but it does nothing to address our extremely fragmented healthcare system. In 2021, policymakers must create and extend incentives to providers to work together to keep patients healthy rather than maximize profit. The pandemic has devastated the traditional fee-for-service budgets of many healthcare systems, and it isn’t clear they will ever be able to catch up without additional federal or local funding, or succeeding with radically different business models.

Great insights from GYANT CMO, Justin Graham, MD MS, on what to expect in the coming months as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be rolled out.

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