GYANT understands patients better than anyone.

GYANT’s empathic, intuitive AI technology virtually guides patients through the complexity of their healthcare journeys.

We’re all patients, and we all know how difficult it is to navigate the complexity of healthcare—from education to access to transparency. GYANT eases patient confusion and frustration by virtually guiding them to their desired and necessary care endpoints, quickly, seamlessly, and exactly as each of us wishes it would work. We do this by deploying a personalized, configurable virtual assistant on hospitals’ digital platforms, engaging with patients through conversational AI that handholds them from the virtual “front door” through their entire clinical journey to find doctors, triage symptoms, schedule appointments, get answers and feel confident, supported, and valued.

GYANT was started with an aspirational goal: to make people better. Our technology not only helps patients feel better, but feel better about their entire healthcare experience. Our technology integrates deeply into clinical workflows, resulting in higher levels of efficiency that improve patient outcomes, reduce clinical strain and support staff overhead, and streamline the process for patients and providers to more meaningfully engage. The result is a higher level of efficiency that improves patient outcomes and makes them feel truly valued, now and every time they return.

Our mission is to make people better.

Freedom & Accountability

We trust each other to make independent decisions and hold each other accountable for results.

Focus on Impact

We want to make a difference in the world of healthcare and are motivated to help people at scale.

Meritocracy of ideas

Everyone at GYANT has a voice, and we make decisions based on objective criteria to implement the best ideas.


We work passionately towards our vision and understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint.


We give and accept candid, respectful feedback in service of personal and professional development.

Personal Development

We strive to better ourselves and help each other grow.


Stefan Behrens, PhD
CEO, CO-Founder
Spencer Chi
Head of Product
Justin Graham, MD, MS
Chief Medical Officer
Paige Heaphy
Chief Integration Officer
Kirill Kireyev, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Justin Nelson
SVP Sales
Olivia Williams
Head of People and Talent