Patient Care Navigation and Triage

GYANT Front Door


GYANT Front Door is an AI care navigation “digital front door” deployed on hospital websites, mobile apps, and patient portals to help patients instantly connect with the resources and care they need.


Acting as a 24/7/365 digital member of your team, GYANT answers questions, triages patients to the most appropriate care venue, books appointments, finds a specialist or clinic, and screens for COVID-19 symptoms. By connecting the dots across hospitals’ digital resources, GYANT streamlines the patient experience, resulting in a higher level of efficiency that improves patient outcomes and makes them feel truly valued, now and every time they return. When healthcare systems integrate GYANT into their EHRs like Epic and Cerner, the AI interface offers a more personalized experience to guide patients through the entire clinical journey and close the learning loop to improve accuracy.

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reduction in call center volume.


patients engaged every day


According to a 2021 KLAS study, 100% of GYANT’s clients are both satisfied and would recommend us to their peers. These individuals across Marketing, Patient Experience, IT, Digital Health and Clinical functions repeatedly tell us that GYANT Front Door solves for the following needs:

Expand Patient Access

GYANT Front Door provide a single entry point for all digital patient journeys across platforms. Our powerful daily utterance analyses help our clients’ Marketing teams elevate their patient acquisition and retention objectives while enhancing their SEO/SEM strategy and increasing conversions of digital visitors into patients. READ MORE >

Reduce Cost to Serve Patients

Because we intuitively connect patients directly with the care and resources they need, GYANT reduces call center volume, support staff overhead, and physician burnout. Our technology improves the utility and experience of your existing digital assets because it ensures the increased patient engagements are guided to your preferred endpoints READ MORE >

Digitize the Patient Journey

Our business model is to collaborate and co-design to meet each system’s needs. We partner with clients to make it theirs, configuring the avatar’s personality, appearance, gender, and name to align with and reinforce/enhance their brand. With a mobile-friendly/mobile-first patient experience, GYANT instantly upgrade your existing web assets without additional investment. READ MORE >

Streamline Triage & Care Navigation

GYANT’s robust and comprehensive adult & pediatric clinical triage capabilities cover the vast majority all patient chief complaints. And unlike other chatbots, GYANT’s thorough, defensible natural language processing (NLP) is built exclusively for healthcare providers and works out-of-the-box. READ MORE >

Increase Staff & Clinical Productivity

GYANT expands care capacity without adding more staff, because we empower patients to self-navigate to their desired digital care endpoints. Healthcare systems experience a dramatic reduction in staff time needed in call centers and front offices — between 30%-50% — and nearly half of all engagements occur outside of standard business hours, resulting in a 350% increase of patients reached than with a call center alone. READ MORE >

"Our patients and community members feel connected to Clare. She's compassionate – asking questions, providing support even though she's a digital assistant. We are incredibly proud that was a very intentional focus in our work with GYANT."

- Abby Lotz, Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer


COVID-19 Solutions


GYANT’s COVID-19 solutions deploy as a virtual assistant chatbot on hospitals’ websites, mobile apps, and patient portals to help patients and hospital staff screen for infection, get questions answered, learn about testing options and facilities, screen for eligibility, schedule a vaccine appointment, and stay safe.


GYANT Vaccine manages the patient journey from initial eligibility inquiry through each patient’s second vaccine dose. Using natural language processing (NLP) to redirect high inbound call volumes to an automated process, GYANT reduces the burden on call center staff by providing comprehensive vaccine FAQs, screening for eligibility, collecting responses to feed into patient management workflows, automating vaccine appointment scheduling, and reaching out to targeted patient segments via broadcast SMS for booster reminders and appointment scheduling.

GYANT COVID-19 Screener and Emergency Response Assistant (SERA) uses NLP to recognize a patients’ free-text inputs and screen for symptoms and risk factors, and guide them to testing information and FAQs. The GYANT team actively maintains the information based on the most up-to-date CDC and WHO guidelines as well as local developments relevant to client locations.

GYANT Back2Work helps screen hospital employees for re-entry to the workplace each day. The tool sends scheduled outbound SMS text messages to staff in advance of a shift with a secure mobile website link. The link initiates a secure web-chat in the mobile browser where users answer protocol questions, verify their identity, and complete a screening for exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19. The full process is completed in less than two minutes, and based on user responses triggers an immediate an immediate work eligibility result. Those that pass the screening are sent a virtual QR code to enter work; those that do not are routed according to each client’s preferred protocols and care endpoints.

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daily COVID-19 screenings

30% decrease

in inbound call volume for COVID-19 related concerns enabling redeployment of clinical resources


GYANT’s COVID-19 solutions relieve the burden of administrative staff, simplify the research and appointment scheduling for patients, keep communities safe, and save lives.

We’ve reduced call center traffic by 50% while increasing total patients engaged by nearly 400%. Additionally, because our technology engages with patients via empathic conversational AI, 9 out 10 users report that the software has helped them with what they need when they need it. The bottom line: patients trust GYANT’s virtual assistants.

"The value of even connecting with one new patient is huge and pays for itself."

- Executive

"Our patients want the ability to communicate with us virtually, and this has only heightened with the spread of COVID-19."

- Jennifer Junis, Senior Vice President