Is your health system prepared for the vaccine?

Overwhelmed call centers
24/7 Influx of patient inquiries
Appointment scheduling demands
Eligibility qualification requests

GYANT Vaccine adapts to your changing requirements over the course of the vaccine roll-out.

GYANT Vaccine deploys as a white-labeled virtual assistant on provider websites, mobile apps, and patient portals, managing the patient journey from initial inquiry to post-visit follow up. GYANT Vaccine is available 24/7, to relieve the burden of administrative staff, simplify the research and appointment scheduling for consumers, and keep patients safe.

Patients will be able to:

Quickly learn about processes and options
Screen and assess prioritization
Book appointments
Stay in touch with their providers to schedule additional doses


1. Inbound handling

Redirect high inbound call volumes to reduce burden on call center staff.

  • Vaccine FAQs
  • Eligibility screener
  • IVR redirect to virtual assistant

2. Administrative support

Collect screening responses to feed into patient management workflows.

  • Patient enrollment for outreach
  • Dashboard management of enrolled patient status
  • Appointment scheduling

3. Outbound engagement

Outreach to targeted patient segments.

  • Broadcast SMS
  • Booster reminder/appointment scheduling

GYANT Vaccine guides patients along every step of their journey

Eligibility Screener & FAQs


Outbound SMS Engagement

GYANT Vaccine anticipates patient needs and virtually guides them every step of the way.

Automated Engagement

Anticipate and capture patient demand by enabling queuing/sign-ups.
Keep patients informed with outbound messaging regarding vaccine availability.

Fewer Inbound Calls

Provide patients with a friendly, faster, self-service alternative to the call center.
Decrease call center volume with IVR redirect to virtual assistant.

Automated Scheduling

Pre-qualify patients based on eligibility criteria as vaccine becomes available.
Streamline outbound scheduling calls by automating information intake.

Managed Capacity

Build and manage pre-qualified list of patients that can be mobilized when eligible.
Self-serve FAQs along every step of the journey.

Solidified Patient Trust and Loyalty

SMS follow up with patients
Proactive booster reminder and scheduling.

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